healthy orange julius recipe

ingredients you need to make it:

orange juice almond milk vanilla extract honey or maple syrup Greek yogurt (traditional or vegan) frozen riced cauliflower frozen navel orange frozen banana

This easy, healthy Orange Julius Recipe is made without any added sugar. A healthy twist on the classic treat we all know & love! Plus it's: gluten-free refined sugar-free easy to prep This creamsicle smoothie is perfect for a breakfast on-the-go or as a quick snack before or after your workout!

reasons to love this recipe:

Add all your ingredients to the blender.


Blend until you have a smooth & creamy texture.


Taste, adjust sweetness to taste & enjoy!


make it your own!

For vegan, be sure to use a vegan yogurt, a non-dairy milk & maple syrup in place of the honey. For paleo, be sure to use a paleo-friendly yogurt & a non-dairy milk. For nut-free, use a nut-free milk in place of almond milk (like oat, hemp or traditional milk).

how to make a low-sugar version:

Omit the banana + double the amount of cauliflower. Use stevia instead of honey (adjust amount to taste).  The orange juice adds a lot of flavor, but you can use a whole orange (instead of a half orange) + double the amount of almond milk (instead of the half orange juice/ half almond milk) combo.

tip for making thick & delicious smoothies at home:

Instead of ice, use as many frozen ingredients as possible! It'll help you get a cold, naturally thick smoothie (without diluting and watering down all the delicious flavors).

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